Demo at hub:raum Berlin for ChallengeUp! 2016

Incelligent demonstrated its innovative solution for the Optimization and Monetization of Venueshub:raum Berlin, in the frame of ChallengeUp! IoT initiative of Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom.

In a gathering of the 12 finalists of the program that addresses Connectivity, Big Data, Connected smart solutions, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, Incelligent participated in the ”Demo Day”, presenting its startup and use case to corporate executives, clients and investors.

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Incelligent, focusing on proactive network management, presented how its solution enhances user experience and commercial potentials for Venues (e.g., concerts halls, malls and culture centers, stadiums, hot spots, etc.), a use case representing tremendous business opportunities at the order of 1.5 billion USD. This value comes from traditional benefits as improved quality of experience and resource utilization, as also new revenue streams for operators, which derive from the delivery of insights to affiliate businesses, which are active in the respective venues/events (e.g., retail shops, transport or security companies, etc.). These insights are essential for enabling these businesses to efficiently address anticipated challenges and opportunities.

In the context of the use case, Incelligent delivered the proactive optimization mechanisms that enable an operator to have fast and reliable answers to the following key “queries”:

- What are the requirements (e.g., the traffic load) that will be posed on the network (WiFi but also 3GPP) of the venue?

- What are the quality levels that can be delivered by the network, and what are the corresponding network configurations for reaching them?

- Are there users that may face a degraded experience, and what actions can be taken to compensate that (e.g., warn, make some offer, etc.)?

- What are the affiliate businesses that can be impacted by the various events of the venue, and what is the information that can be delivered to them (for optimizing their efficiency)?

The functionality that addresses the queries above consists of means for heterogeneous data management and processing, insight and prediction generation, situation optimization and action learning. The platform relies on Cisco products and open source platforms, at the core of which there are our proprietary, deep-learning based and predictive algorithms.

Incelligent validated the technology by working with a particular event, namely, the Untold festival, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in August 2016. The Untold festival is one of the largest in the area of electronic music, and attracts several hundreds of thousands of spectators (>250.000).

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Moreover, new versions of our product will be applied to several future events (e.g., conferences, sport events).

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