Incelligent continues its journey in the ChallengeUP! program of Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom

Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom have announced the 12 European startups selected to develop joint projects with them, through the next phase of their ChallengeUp! IoT accelerator program, and Incelligent is one of the companies awarded!

2016 Challenge UP INFORGRAF 12 StandUpThe program focuses on innovative startups in the areas of Connectivity, Big Data, Connected smart solutions, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. Companies that successfully complete the program will be eligible for potential co-investment from the corporations, as well as support to commercialize their product or service for global markets. A ”Demo Day”, where the projects will be showcased to corporate executives, clients and investors, will be on November 29th at hub:raum Berlin.

Incelligent is 1 of the 12 startups that were selected and the only one coming from Greece. As illustrated in the results infographic, Incelligent is classified in the “Big Data” category.  

The selection was done after a highly competitive process that started with hundreds of participants applying in the first quarter of 2016,  and was completed with the final selection taking place in hub:raum @ Krakow between May 9 and 11.

Incelligent’s team is really proud for this achievement, and eagerly looks forward to the next 7 months of intensive collaboration with Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom. The forthcoming activities include:

Co-Sales: To access the vast network of Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom clients and gain customer traction immediately,

Co-Develop: To identify the right technology to further develop our solution with the support of their technical experts,

Co-Innovation: To create with the 3 corporations business value through new trends and technologies,

and of course the:

Demo Day:
where we will present our venture & value added proposition in front of customers and investors.

Cisco Logointel-logo-png-transparentT Mobile Logo

Incelligent is on proactive network management. This relies on machine learning, predictive analytics, or, in general, cognitive technologies. Incelligent inherited (and then enhanced) pertinent know-how from WINGS ICT Solutions (one of the founding entities). WINGS validated its technologies through collaborations with industries, but at a large scale through its involvement in EC projects, e.g., CREW (Cognitive Radio Experimentation World, In the context of CREW, WINGS matured its cognitive/machine-learning/self-x technologies, by realizing diverse experiments, involving actual experiments with realistic conditions involving actual testbeds.  


ChallengeUp KakowPresenting

ChallengeUp KakowAwardReception