Happpy and Prosperous 2016

As the year end is approaching we would like to send you our Best wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2016. Moreover, we would like to take this chance to share with you some highlights of the last 12 months.

Incelligent   Season Greetings 20162015 has been a very productive year for Incelligent. It started with the launch of the first release of our software suite, consisting of a network analytics and predictions module, an advanced optimizer supporting smart decisions at really complex network challenges and an efficient simulator enabling the evaluation of advanced what – if – scenarios and network investment options.

Within 2015 we had the chance to test our software against demanding use cases, achieving up up to 68% improved QoS at small cell management scenarios, more than 90% accuracy at predictive frequency allocation decisions for 3G/4G networks, more than 90% accuracy at demand prediction for Wi-Fi networks, a 45% energy footprint reduction, and similar results in a wide range of applications addressing proactive management of modern wireless network, both at the core and the access layer. Many of these collaborations include our engagement with distinguished mobile network operators, network element manufacturers and wi-fi providers.

2016 is envisioned even more interesting. Our pipeline already contains some extremely interesting projects, as also some challenging PoCs and Pilot collaborations, with multinational TelCos and network vendors, significantly contributing on all parties chase for revenue increases, smarter network services, proactiveness on user expectations, cost efficiency, environmental friendliness and efficient use of investments.

So let us wish you all the best for 2016, thank you for your trust, and kindly ask you to stay tuned, because 2016 is going to be among others a really Incelligent year!

On behalf of Incelligent

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Dr. Kostas Tsagkaris

Head of Technology & GM

kostas.tsagkaris [at] incelligent.net

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Dr. Serafim Kotrotsos

Head of Business Development

serafim.kotrotsos [at] incelligent.net