Incelligent participates in Small Cell Champions event

Incelligent participates in the Small Cell Champions event in Rome, aiming to share its experience at predictive network management based on heterogeneous, telco and non – telco data.

SmallCellForum Champions InRomeSmall Cell Forum is hosting a special Open Day, 8 September 2015 in Rome. The event is planned to showcase best practice from pioneer small cell deployments, and elaborate on issues like Wi-Fi integration and LTE in license exempt spectrum, virtualization, multi operator support, the evolution of HetNet & SON, and setting requirements for 5G. 

Small Cell Forum supports the wide-scale adoption of small cells. ‘Small cells’ is an umbrella term for operator-controlled, low-powered radio access nodes, including those that operate in licensed spectrum and unlicensed carrier-grade Wi-Fi. Small cells typically have a range from 10 meters to several hundred meters.