Incelligent tests its product on Fed4Fire Wi-Fi testbed

Incelligent's proposal for the execution of Wi-Fi experiements accepted by Fed4Fire.


Incelligent develops an innovative software that makes wireless networks (Mobile and Wi-Fi) smarter and more efficient, by providing network analytics, state predictions from highly heterogeneous and seemingly uncorrelated data, and intelligent decisions.

In order to validate the abilities of its products at a demanding environment with complex Wi-Fi networks, Incelligent will experiment on Fed4Fire networks, and especially the Netmode network of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The experiments will include applying Incelligent's innovative SDN management technology making the Wi-Fi smarter and more efficient.

This is part of Fed4FIRE's call for SMEs to conduct experiments using its facilities. Fed4FIRE is an EU - funded program with a large network testbed federaded by highly reputated partners (~30 from different European cities). 

The experiments are expected to give a unique chance to Incelligent to extend its product validation activities.